Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


  • Please ensure that your ward comes to school in full and correct uniform, wears his/her ID card every day and carries his/her books as per the given time table. They may wear formal civil clothes on their birthday.
  • As lunch is to be taken in the classroom or the school campus, it is important that he/she brings a spoon, boiled drinking water and a towel to ensure he/she does not spill food on the floor or table.
  • Train your wards to greet all elders including members at home, teachers, classmates and support staff. It gives everyone a feeling of well-being.
  • Communication is the most important skill in today’s world. You have chosen an English medium school to give your child this advantage. Please insist that he uses only English as his language of communication in the school and if possible at home too. During the language classes he must use only the language he has chosen, to communicate.
  • Parents are requested to monitor the students learning easy and effective. Ensure that he/she has a time schedule for every unit taught in the class and does not put off learning for the tests and exams only.
  • Many students are coming to school by private transport. Please ensure that these vehicles are not over crowded and the entry and exit from these vans are monitored by responsible adults. The safety of your child is our priority too.
  • Please monitor your ward’s activities after school. It is advisable to have at hand the telephone number of his / her close friends. Make sure they do not loiter around school, eateries, parks and streets after class. They may get exposed to undesirable company and habits.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that students bring only materials related to their learning to school. Students are not allowed to bring gadgets, expensive electronic equipments like I pods, mobile phones, MP3 players and calculators to school and if found,it will be confiscated. The same rule applies to the use of two wheelers and four wheelers. Avoid giving them too much of money too.
  • No student is permitted to wear gold jewellery to school. However girls are permitted to wear small earring or studs. Fancy jewellery of any material is not permitted.
  • Please help your ward come to school regularly and on time to school. Leave should be applied for illness and absolutely unavoidable reasons. Leave letters/information should be sent in advance. Leave taking before or during an examination is to be totally avoided.
  • Please spend quality time with your ward. Encourage them to confide everything to you.
  • Monitor the use of the internet, use of the television and use of the telephone.
  • Any outing with friends should be monitored.
  • Discipline is the most important lesson a student needs to imbibe. We look forward to you working with us to instill this in all our students


  • Treat everyone, irrespective of age and position, with respect and courtesy.
  • Be punctual and regular to school.
  • Respect school property and ensure that buildings, furniture and fittings are not defaced or damaged by anyone.
  • Maintain a dignified code of conduct. Stay clear of any anti social activity that harms or hurts self and anyone else.
  • Avoid using inappropriate language in school, at home and outside.
  • Avoid bullying or teasing fellow students in the school ,in the bus or in your van.
  • Treat school property if it is your own.
  • Come to school in clean and appropriate uniform.
  • Avoid fancy accessories and footwear that is not part of the uniform
  • Wear the school ID card to school every day as part of the uniform. An ID card is a part of the identification in times of emergency
  • Dress in a clean, neat, modest and dignified way to school
  • Make sure that footwear is polished and of the prescribed pattern
  • Boys should tuck in their shirts neatly and wear the School belt everyday.
  • Girls are expected to plait it on either side and tie it up with ribbons .
  • Avoid taking leave for frivolous reasons. Regularity and punctuality are two virtues always admired by everyone. Students coming in early can start their handwriting exercises. No one is allowed to run about in the classroom or in the verandah. Avoid coming too early in the morning.
  • Wait inside the school for the pick up vans to arrive. Do not loiter around food courts, eateries and parks after school. Regular visitor to these places are targets for antisocial elements.
  • Permission to leave early must be requested for by the parent or guardian only and only in cases of emergency. A gate pass from the Compartment Head is compulsory.
  • Use of motorized two wheelers and four wheelers by the students is prohibited .
  • Ensure an environment of peace and calm in the school. Leaving and entering classrooms should be done in an orderly manner. Always keep to the left of the corridors. Allow teachers to pass by stepping aside. Ensure that there is no noise while moving from one class to other class.
  • Mobile phones and any other electronic equipments are not permitted in school. Any such object found will be confiscated.
  • Ensure that you put in at least 6 hours of regular study every day. Self study will enhance your study skills. Avoid tuitions.
  • Homework is meant to consolidate what you learnt in school. Ensure that you do it regularly. Remember homework is not just written work; it enables you to help means of reading your lessons at home.
  • Avoid completing your homework after coming to school. It defeats the purpose of such an exercise.
  • Remain honest always. Avoid any form of malpractice in tests and examinations.
  • Report cards are a record of your continuous academic performance. Tampering with it is an act of dishonesty to your self and parents and will result in serious action being taken against you by the school.
  • This is our school. Maintenance of the school is our collective responsibility. Make sure that the furniture is always neatly arranged, classrooms are kept clean and table tops and walls are not scribbled on.
  • Conserve electricity. Make sure that fans and lights are switched off when not in use.
  • Payment of fees is your responsibility. Remind your parents to do so it on time.
  • The school trains you to be disciplined and orderly. This will groom you into a responsible citizen who can take the country forward. Conforming to the rules and regulations of school is part of this training. It will make your school life enjoyable and memorable.